How much water should you drink daily? New study offers surprising answer


Drinking a lot of water is a critical for your health, but a new study finds that you may be able to drink less than you think — and other beverages count.

According to Medical Daily, a new article in the Harvard Health Letter found that drinking ‘about four to six glasses of water’ — as opposed to the previously assumed eight glasses –is a fair amount to drink daily to stay healthy and hydrated.

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These foods will hydrate you

Health experts also point to foods like watermelon, lettuce, spinach, and soups that provide the body with fluids in addition to drinking just plain water.  

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and those who engage in a lot of exercise may need more than the standard six glasses, however. Elderly people may also need to be encouraged to drink more fluids to stay properly hydrated.

WebMD said that if your urine is dark yellow or amber colored, you aren’t properly hydrated.

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