How much money quitting smoking can save you


Years ago, I openly wished that we would follow Canada by adopting graphic labels on cigarette packages to try to scare kids away from taking up smoking.

We have made great progress with the issue of smoking in this country. It used to be that around 40% of Americans smoked. Now it’s about half that number, and even less in some states.

The Canadian packs have long had grotesque images to deter smokers. According to one poll I saw, some half of all Canadians asked say those very images motivated them to try to quit.

Now that similarly graphic labels are coming to the United States, I think you’ll see a lot of smokers buying cases to put their packs in. They don’t want to have to look at those scary warning messages that take up half the pack.

I know it’s not easy to quit. I smoked when I was younger and I thankfully managed to quit. I know people now who struggle with gum, patches, hypnosis, behavior modification, you name it. So the best thing is if you don’t start. But if you do, I like that daily reminder with the graphic images.

Yet there may potentially be a better way to get it in your head. Time magazine reports the typical smoker could save more than $100,000 during the course of several decades just by kicking the habit.

It’s the little changes in your life, the money you put aside like $5 instead of buying a pack of cigarettes, that helps you in the long run. That one change, day by day as it compounds, can become huge money over a working lifetime.

So this is really a twofer: Quit smoking and imagine how much money will wind up in your life!

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