How many sunburns does it take to get skin cancer?


A powerful new public service announcement is calling attention to the dangers of skin cancer.

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In less than a minute, ‘Mr. Sun’ tells the story of a young woman who finds out she has skin cancer. Her experience is illustrated in reverse scenes, starting first with her sitting in a hospital bed and ending with images of her sunbathing on a beach as a child.

The song ‘Mr. Sun’ plays in the background.

‘Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me,’ the tune says while viewers see the young woman eyeing a suspicious spot on ther arm. That line repeats as the woman is seen visiting a doctor and later losing her hair.

‘Just five sunburns increase your child’s risk for melanoma by 80%,’ the announcement warns.

The campaign was launched by Mollie’s Fund, a nonprofit organization founded in memory of Mollie Biggane, who died of melanoma at age 20.

‘I have an extremely hard time watching this. The opening brings me right back to when our daughter had melanoma and how she looked towards the end,’ Maggie Biggane, Mollie’s mom, told TODAY.

‘Our goal is to prevent anyone else from experiencing the loss of a child as we have,’ said Mollie’s father, Jack Biggane.

Mollie’s parents urge other parents and families to use sunscreen and protective clothing to protect children from the sun.


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