High fructose corn syrup faces new scrutiny


The obesity epidemic in the U.S. has made headlines for years. And now a court case is going to decide if one of the culprits is in much of the food you eat.

The sugar wars continue, centering on the question of what’s worse for you, sugar or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)? At the core of the issue is the Corn Refiners Association wanting to push ‘corn sugar’ as the new name for the much-maligned HFCS.

So there’s a big court case where both camps are actually arguing before a judge which is worse for you, sugar or HFCS. You just can’t make this stuff up!

It is my belief that having these items in moderation is just fine. The problem is if you overindulge, then you’ll gain the weight. And we all know that has been a big problem in our country.

People are always looking for what to blame. A lot has been written attacking HFCS, claiming that the chemical makeup of it will cause more weight gain than an equivalent amount of sugar.

On the issue of the science of HFCS v. sugar, I don’t understand science and will reserve comment. I will leave it to the judge to render a decision.

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