Graphic cigarette labels get overturned in court


Cigarettes won’t get graphic labels as originally planned anytime soon, thanks to the ruling of a federal judge.

I was giddy with excitement last year when I first talked about the new standards that were supposed to be coming for cigarette packs. The idea was to follow the lead of other countries on packaging, where instead of a generic warning, there would be a picture of somebody graphically suffering from having been a smoker.

Predictably, the tobacco companies were united in fighting this effort. As the judge said, the images that had been proposed by the Food and Drug Administration were “calculated to provoke the viewer to quit, or never t start smoking.”

Yes, that was the whole idea! This judge basically ruled that cigarette companies have the right to try to hook people and then kill them.

I am opposed to prohibition of any kind. In fact, I’m in favor of the legalization on all drugs. I think the War on Drugs is silly.

When we had Prohibition in the 1920s, several states even made cigarette smoking illegal so that was driven underground. Look what happened with the crime that arose because of that and alcohol prohibition.

We see the same thing today trying to eradicate the transit of drugs into our country. The reality is we don’t have a supply problem, we have a demand problem. Do I think people should use drugs? No. Should they smoke? No. Should they drink alcohol? Not to excessive.

But the only net result of cigarettes is that they kill people. Period. So to have a warning in the form of a graphic image on the package that might discourage a kid from starting or help an adult who’s tried to quit seven or eight times and finally does it on the ninth attempt, I think is to the good.

Again, I am not in favor of prohibition. But I am in favor of people having as much fear as possible when they go to pick up a pack!

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