Good Samaritans in NYC save man’s life with CPR


There are so many unsung heroes every single day. I want to give you just one example that I read about recently in The New York Post.

Jason Kroft, a Canadian, was walking with his wife and two kids in midtown Manhattan. He collapsed and suffered a heart attack, turning blue while lying in the street. It was clear he wouldn’t make it until an ambulance could arrive.

That’s when a red-haired man in a business suit put down his briefcase to prop up Jason’s head and started administering CPR. The mystery man busted several of Jason’s ribs on the way to bringing him back to life. While he was compressing his chest, another woman came by and got down on her hands and knees to start counting compressions for the unknown Samaritan.

Kroft is now recovering, alive, because of these two people. Both went off into the crowd without any fanfare when the ambulance pulled up. Neither of the two have come forward at this point.

So often today, people seek publicity without doing anything to garner it. And here are two people who do something amazing and didn’t stick around for any recognition.

These two people, whoever they are, exhibit what we can do to be of service to our fellow man, making a difference in our world.

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