Fitbits are now mandatory on this campus


Oral Roberts University now requires all incoming freshmen to wear a Fitbit in order to monitor their physical activity.

Physical education has been a big part of the university’s curriculum for a long time.

Smart move or nanny campus?

“It’s helped a lot of people even though they don’t like it sometimes when they have to work out,” said Christian Monsolve.

The university used to have students manually enter their “aerobic points” but now every step, heartbeat per minute and calorie burned is recorded straight into ORU’s system.

“I’ve gotten mixed reviews. I’ve had some people say it looks like an anklet and others say that they are tracking you,” Monsolve said.

Freshmen are required to take 10,000 steps per day and meet a heart-beats-per-minute standard throughout the week.

This year’s class is the first to use the devices. Professors have access to the information.

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Employers favor fitness trackers too

Would you wear a free or subsidized fitness band from your employer, allowing them to track the number of steps you take each day in exchange for insurance discounts, gift cards or other prizes?

Kiplinger magazine reports that’s just the deal a number of employers are offering. Target is going to offer Fitbits to all its employees. The reason? To reduce corporate healthcare costs. Another one of Fitbit’s corporate customers lowered health care costs by 6% after the first year using the Fitbit with its employees, according to Bloomberg.


Other corporate clients also giving free bands to their employees include BP, Bank of America and Time Warner.

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