Find doctors, make online appointments with ZocDoc


When’s the last time you were at the doctor? And how happy are you with your primary care doctor — if you have one?

Clark believes it’s so important for the women in men’s lives to push their guys to take care of their health. Too often guys get complications they wouldn’t have if they just had preventative health checkups along the way.

Last week, Clark was honored at MoMENtum 2010: A Men’s Health Gala for his support of men’s health issues. During his speech, he asked the audience for a show of hands to determine who couldn’t recall when they had their last physical. And this was at an event celebrating men’s health and wellness!

Well, two-thirds to three-quarters of the people’s hands went up. So Clark had each person who raised their hand spend $100 on a raffle ticket or a silent auction at the event. He needed to hit them over the head with his message about prioritizing regular health checkups!

If you’re inclined to put your health on ignore, you might want to check out a growing site called This beta site plays the match game hooking you up with a doctor that others have favorably reviewed online. It’s like a Yelp or a TripAdvisor for the health care world. also allows you to make an appointment right there online with a doctor or dentist. The service is free for the consumer, while doctors pay to be listed in the ZocDoc database.

ZocDoc recently launched in Dallas. It has already been available in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. They’re adding a market at a time as they learn how to refine their service. The truly neat thing is that this service makes medicine more approachable for people.

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