Federal government releases new nutritional guidelines


The federal government has released new nutrition guidelines…and they’re basically the same as they ever were with 1 key new recommendation!

First things first, the latest nutritional guidelines still say to eat more fruits and veggies. How long have we known that, all the while as we get heavier and heavier and heavier as a nation? (My executive producer Christa is eating apples as I’m writing this, while our associate producer Joel is chowing down on Cheetos.)

The guidelines also recommend eating less salt. Why do manufacturers put salt in food? Because it tastes good! People know they should eat less salt, it’s just hard to do. My wife and I were recently out to a rare dinner without the kids. My meal didn’t have enough flavor, so I started with the salt…and stopped when I saw my wife raise her eyebrow disapprovingly. Boy, was feeling I that guilt from her!  

The funniest thing is that the feds latest guidelines specifically says we should eat less. We consume a lot of food as a people. I think about Taco Bell’s Fourthmeal ad campaign and the whole idea of “Why just eat 3 meals when you can eat 4?!”

So the recommendations are really the same as they ever were — eat more fruits and veggies, eat less salt and so forth. But as I’m watching Christa and Joel, it just seems like Joel is having more fun with his snack, even if Christa dips her apples in hummus!

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