Facebook now lets you update your organ donor status


Through organ donation, you can make a difference even when you’re not with us anymore.

Facebook has now made it possible to update your page with your organ donor status and be added to your state’s official organ donation registry. By building this feature in, Facebook is doing something to empower people to save lives.

However, there’s already a backlash against the Facebook initiative. The Detroit Free Press  reports there are privacy and legal issues with posting that you want to be an organ donor that still have yet to be sorted out.

Be that as it may, I love what Facebook is doing because it brings awareness to the issue of organ donation. I agreed to become an organ donor many years ago when the option first became available to me, so it’s something I believe in deeply.

If you’re not into Facebook, visit OrganDonor.gov for more details on how you can get involved. Organ donation is, of course, a completely personal choice. If you have religious beliefs that run counter to it, I respect that and mean no offense to you.

I have a friend who is having liver problems and I have volunteered to be a living donor if doctors can’t find a suitable donor otherwise. (You can be a living donor of a piece of your liver, which will regenerate, or one of your kidneys.)

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