Encouraging men to get regular health checkups


Last night I was sitting at the dinner table with my family when I suddenly started feeling chest pain. I told my wife and then called my doc and talked to him about it. He asked me a number of questions and determined that even though I was having chest pain, the symptoms were not consistent with a heart attack.

It turned out I was having a mini-asthma attack. I do have asthma and it was irritated earlier in the day when I was in an area where there was a ground fire. So upon my doc’s advice, I simply used my Albuterol and I was fine.

The thing is, I immediately addressed the problem. That’s the key. Nine times out of 10, it’s a false alarm. But that one in 10, you’re dead.

I recall my late dad when he was 58 was at meeting in the evening. He started having chest pains, went to the bathroom and threw up and basically had a heart attack right then and there in the stalls. He returned to the meeting without telling anybody what happened.  Afterward, he drove himself home and collapsed after walking in the door. He was rushed to the hospital, but was lucky that he didn’t die.

Too often, guys have this male pride thing where we’re foolish about our health. My episode was a false alarm, but what if it hadn’t been? If I sat quietly and didn’t say anything, it could have been curtains.

When something’s not right, don’t quietly keep it your own secret. Besides, when’s the last time you were at the doctor anyway??

Take care of yourself, guys. If you’re not doing it, I call upon the lady in your life. Women, push your guys to go to the doctor to take care of themselves. Never keep things a secret, because you want to be alive to wake up the next day.

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