Emergency room, Reservation for one!


Who would have ever imagined hospital emergency rooms begging you to come in as a customer. Now all over the country medical centers are posting the average wait time for their emergency rooms. And when you get to an emergency room, especially if you have insurance, man are they getting you in to see somebody right away. But do you know now more and more emergency rooms will even make appointments for you? Thats right! You can go online and make an appointment. So you are not sitting there for five or six hours waiting to go back.

But I want you to know, the bill in a hospital emergency room is gigantic. And if you have health insurance, many insurance plans will actually charge you a bigger out of pocket if you go to an emergency room instead of to an urgent care center that may be available in your area. So even if the wait is short, thirteen could be an unlucky number for you when the bill comes. Look at what alternatives there are that might get you care that would maybe not be faster, but definitely cheaper. I’m Clark Howard.

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