Doing this 4 times a week drastically reduces heart disease


There’s a magic way to reduce male heart attacks by two-thirds and it doesn’t involve any pills!

Dry heat saunas are the poor man’s pharmacy

A Finnish study written up in U.K. newspaper The Telegraph talks  about dry heat saunas as the poor man’s pharmacy. This is a device that only in the last 3 years has become a consumer item within the reach of so many people.

Dry heat saunas will reduce the risk of heart attacks in middle aged men by roughly two-thirds — simply by a man spending time in one of them.

Researchers don’t know what the properties are that make it this magic pill for cardiac health. Yet if a man goes into a dry sauna two to three times a week, he’ll lower his risk of heart attack by 25%. If he does it four or more times a week, the risk drops by 66%!

Dry heat saunas also helps reduce coronary heart disease by 50% if you use them four or more times a week. Cardiovascular disease deaths were cut by 50% too.

Nobody really knows why, according to researchers. Clearly, though, time spent in a sauna is time well spent!

My wife has a circulatory illness that benefits from dry saunas. So when Costco Wholesale had a sale on one of them for a three-digit price, I bought it for her as a surprise. But I’ve been using it more than she has! Ours came in a crate and the pieces assembled in about 45 minutes.

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