Dangers of performance-enhancing supplements


Performance-enhancing supplements for workouts are all the rage. One of the most popular supplements is called DMAA, a substance that supposedly ups the results of fitness training by increasing your metabolism and strength.
The product has been very popular with soldiers in particular.  But according to the U.S. Army, it can also cost you your life.

The New York Times recently did an article revealing that the Army has pulled all DMAA products from their bases following a sudden rash of deaths that appear to be associated with it. They claim the product raises one’s heart rate too drastically and can kill.

The vitamin stores and manufactures are up in arms, refuting any and all safety concerns with it.

The FDA is limited in their control of supplements, leaving manufacturers to make almost any claim they wish about their products.

But please, heed Clark’s warning: Working out is great. It’s essential to our health. But taking work-out supplements–not so much. The goal is to live better–not to be the best looking person in the morgue!

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