Costco’s new food safety measures


On the heels of the latest beef recall in the Southeast, I’m heartened to report that one of the nation’s largest food retailers recently started implementing voluntary new food safety regulations.

The New York Times  reports Costco Wholesale has now required all suppliers of bagged produce, including salad greens, apple slices and baby carrots, to do comprehensive testing for E. coli bacteria.

In addition, Costco also has its own meat processing plant in California and they’re vetting new testing methods to ensure the safe supply of red meat that will be much more comprehensive.

This is such a great response from Costco. But I just wonder, what about the other guys? What about Costco archrival Sam’s Club, or the nation’s largest grocer Wal-Mart or the nation’s second largest grocer Kroger?  What about following Costco’s lead and making the food supply safer?

We shouldn’t have to have these various recalls from time to time, in the wake of illness and death, when the methods to ensure food safety are already here.

So I commend Costco. You get low prices and they go extra mile to make sure you’re safe!

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