Consider organ donation


As a strong believer in organ donation, I was touched and inspired when I read a New York Times  story about a reunion of transplant recipients who were given the gift of life following one man’s death.

Julio Garcia was a 38-year-old minister who suffered a brain hemorrhage in March 2010. His wife made the decision to donate his organs as a way to continue his ministering work from beyond the grave.

Garcia’s heart, lung, pancreas, kidneys, liver (which saved 2 lives because it was divided between 2 recipients) and corneas were among the organs donated. Some of those recipients recently gathered in New York to meet Julio’s wife and children at what was certainly an emotional gathering.

Unless you have religious beliefs that bar organ donation, I believe this can be a great service to provide to your fellow human beings to extend their lives. I long ago decided to become a donor when the option was made available to me.

This is, of course, a completely personal choice. If you have religious beliefs that run counter, I don’t want to offend you.

But you can go to if you want to learn more. This is something I feel strongly about and it means so much to me personally.

I recall as my late father was dying, he had kidney failure toward the end, but he was not a suitable candidate for a transplant. He hated dialysis. Let’s face it, dialysis is not a walk in the park. I hope when my time comes, I will be in the kind of condition that my organs will be useful to others.

Again, if I offended you with this discussion, I apologize.

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