Comparison shop your health care


Whether you have health insurance or not, there are so many surprises with the bill when you go to the doctor or have any procedure done. In fact, now for so many of us with health insurance we have such gigantic deductibles that for a lot of things, we’re a cash payer anyway.

So there are more and more websites you can go to either on a smartphone or a desktop computer where you can comparison shop. There are sites now where you can even put out you medical services for bid, so as long as it’s not an emergency. I mean you don’t want to sit there putting out for bids when it’s life and death, but most medicine is not like that, so you actually have the time to shop. And people are trying this all different ways. Specials for people who pay cash up front. Websites where you can get bids from various medical providers for services you need and then you know up front what it’s going to cost you. I have a list of these various options at Clarkhoward. com. 

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Paying cash for non-emergency medical needs can save you big
Name your own price comes to the health care industry


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