Coffee could help reduce the risk of liver disease


That cuppa Joe may be more beneficial than you realize. 

Scientists took a look at existing studies and found that an extra two cups of coffee a day helped lower the risk of liver cirrhosis by 44%, Reuters reported.

There’s no cure for cirrhosis, and it can be deadly.

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It kills more than one million people a year worldwide and is caused by hepatitis infections, immune disorders, fatty liver disease and excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, Reuters reported.

How coffee can reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis

In eight of nine studies, the researchers showed that by increasing coffee consumption by only two cups a day, the risk of cirrhosis lowered significantly.

And how you make the coffee makes a difference. Filtered coffee lowered risk more than boiled coffee.

One study showed a stronger link between lowered cirrhosis risk, but that doesn’t mean you should obsessively visit your local Starbucks to get the massive cappuccinos or lattes.

Researchers have not found which beans make a difference.  They also have warned that while coffee could help lower risk, it will not reverse habitual drinking that could leave your liver damaged, Reuters reported.  

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