Class-action suit against EOS lip balm reaches settlement


A class-action lawsuit involving a consumer and EOS lip balm has been settled, according to Refinery29.

The suit, filed Jan. 12 in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, said Rachael Cronin, represented by criminal defense lawyer Mark Geragos, used the product and her lips became dry, cracked and bled. She also said she had multiple rashes as a result of the product.

Plaintiff and defendant both both pleased with the outcome

The suit which was filed ‘on behalf of (Cronin) herself and the putative class comprised of potentially hundreds of thousands of similarly situated consumers,” said Cronin dealt with the skin reaction for 10 days.

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The suit sought damages and corrective advertising by EOS.

Statements released by the New York-based company and the lawyer representing the consumer show they are both pleased with the outcome.

‘We are pleased to announce that the class-action lawsuit brought against EOS earlier this month has been resolved. Our products are safe and this settlement confirms that,’ the brand said in a statement. ‘Our lip balms are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, made with the highest quality ingredients, meet or exceed all safety and quality standards set by our industry, and are validated by rigorous safety testing conducted by independent labs. We love our customers, and their enjoyment of our products is our top priority. We thank them for their continued support.’

Geragos said he was pleased to ‘quickly and amicably resolve the matter with EOS lip balm products.’

He continued by saying, ‘EOS makes great products and the company is doing the right thing by adding more information about their lip balm products on packaging so that buyers can make informed choices. We will be applying to the courts to close this case.’

The terms of the settlement have not been released.


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