This is how Clark escaped injury after being brushed by a car


Money expert Clark Howard says a simple tip from an article he read years ago helped him avoid serious injury after being hit by a car as a pedestrian.

The accident happened this morning in rainy Atlanta weather outside of a fast food restaurant.

Clark was walking across the parking lot when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye, heard a woman scream and then saw a car backing up at a high rate of speed.

He immediately recalled reading that if a car is coming toward you, you should jump in the air to lessen the severity of an impact.

“In a split second, I remembered that story, jumped up and ended up with my right hand on the lid of the trunk of the vehicle,” Clark said. “It spun me around and somehow I landed on my feet off to the side of where the car was.”

Clark didn’t suffer any cuts or bruises, but he said he’s experiencing some pain in his neck and shoulder.

“If I hadn’t read that story like a decade ago and hadn’t just spontaneously jumped up, who knows how badly I would have been hurt,” Clark added.

Listen to Clark talk about his experience on The Clark Howard Show Podcast

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