Clark in favor of Mayor Bloomberg’s plan for cigarettes


Mayor Bloomberg was stymied in his effort to limit the size of soft drinks you can buy in New York City, so now he’s taking on cigarettes. But I agree with him on this one!

Bloomberg wants to make cigarettes kind of invisible, something that’s not advertised with all the signage, but rather tucked away behind the counter — similar to adult magazines in some jurisdictions.

Now, I’m somebody who was in favor of those graphic warnings on cigarette labels with the gross-out pictures. So maybe it’s not surprising that I like what Bloomberg is proposing this time out.

But what I like is that it’s different than what he was trying with the sodas; under his new plan, cigarettes still would be available, you’d just have to ask for them.

The big problem with smoking is people starting. So the Mayor is saying you can buy this, but we won’t glorify it and will in fact hide it. I like that. It’s different than prohibition.

Either way, the C-store industry is adjusting. It used to rely heavily on profits from cigarettes, but as smoking has trended downward, the industry has had to come up with newer and more creative ways to be profitable.

Believe it or not, a lot of the experimentation is with healthier snacks that have a high profit margin. Talk about doing a total 180-degree turn from making your money on cigarettes to making your money on health food!

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