Childhood obesity trend now reversing


Our physical condition has a direct effect on our nation’s fiscal health. As our population has gained weight, that has increased what we pay for medical in the country.

The weight of our kids has been a ticking time bomb issue. Yet the number of overweight preschoolers has declined in almost half the nation’s states over a 3-year period, according to the latest stats.

Parents are becoming more aware of what they feed their kids. Fast food restaurants in turn have changed the mix of what they offer in kids’ meals.

As parent, I ignored this responsibility for a long time. My son is a picky eater. Sometimes he’s in the mood to eat, and other times he’s not. When he does get hungry, he wants garbage food. So when he wants a snack between meals we make sure it’s a piece of fruit. We’re really lucky because he loves broccoli.

But as parents, we all need to be more conscious. That can mean something as simple as water instead of a sports drinks after team practice or a game. I’m seeing more and more reduced calorie sports drinks. Costco has a Kirkland Signature one that’s about 40 calories a bottle.

As a nation, it looks like we’ve turned the corner on childhood obesity. So what about you, your kid, and your household?

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