Calorie counts coming to concession stands at the movies?


Snacking on junk is not as much fun as it used to be now that packaged goods have calorie counts splashed all over them. Now movie theater operators are afraid that possible nutritional info on concession snacks like popcorn could take a bite out of their revenue.

Chain restaurants will soon be compelled to post calorie counts on their menus across the country. This has been a law in New York City for a number of years. When I go to a McDonald’s in Manhattan, I’ve noticed that very few people pay any attention to the calorie counts. But I’m one of the people who actually considers the info. In fact, I’ve stopped eating a Sausage McMuffin with egg (450 calories) and switched to an Egg McMuffin (300 calories).

So now The Los Angeles Times reports that movie theater operators are in an uproar with concern that the rules affecting chain restaurants will be passed on to them. What do they have to be so nervous about? Well, a large bucket of popcorn has almost 1,500 calories! That’s like sitting at the movies and eating 3 Big Macs!

I think the theaters operators should take a chill pill. Just like I see at McDonald’s, I think the number of people who will actually change their cinema snacking habits if they knew calorie counts is smaller than operators might fear. The reality is that people pretty much know something like a large bucket of popcorn is going to have a lot of calories. My deal is everything in moderation. Why not share that bucket with a friend?

For me, the bigger issue here is all about informed choices, though it seems a lot of people don’t want to be informed. I love the idea of having that nutritional info available and then I can make a choice if I’m at the movies. I don’t want the food police telling me what I can and can’t eat!

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