Boston Market removes salt in nanny dining experiment


Boston Market has removed salt shakers from its tables in an effort to get diners to taste their food before first before adding more salt.

The restaurant chain famous for its rotisserie chicken won’t be doing away with salt entirely. The shakers will be placed at the condiment station instead. In addition, Boston Market plans to reduce the sodium in some its more popular dishes over time.

Rotisserie chicken, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes will each have 20 percent less salt. The rotisserie chicken is going from 710 milligrams of sodium to 500 and change, while the mac and cheese is going from 1,100 milligrams to 800 and change.

I love the taste of salt. But I’ve dialed back on it. As a treat, I get salty fries once a week. So I’ve cut back form where I was, but I have not eliminated salt from my life. How about you?

How can you reduce the intake of things that may be danger signals for your health?

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