New report: These are the best pharmacies in America

New report: These are the best pharmacies in America
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If you’re looking for a new pharmacy to fill your prescriptions, here’s some valuable new information that could help you choose where to shop for medications and similar goods.

The J.D. Power 2019 U.S. Pharmacy Study, which was recently released, lists the best pharmacies in the United States based on customers satisfaction. Big names like Wegmans, Sam’s Club and Good Neighbor all score highly in different categories.

Report: Here are the best pharmacies in the U.S.

The pharmacies are all ranked by numerical scores which make up a customer satisfaction index. Scores are based on a 1,000-point scale. Here are some key findings from the J.D. Power study:

  • Face-to-face interaction is still king: Although customers reported satisfaction using live chat and email to communicate with pharmacies, talking face to face was tops, the study shows.
  • Thorough conversations are key: Pharmacists that had discussions that covered at least four topics rated highly (940 on a 1,000-point scale) among customers.
  • Health and wellness services customers spend more: Although the number of health and wellness customers getting prescriptions went down, the amount they spent went up in 2019 compared to 2018.
  • Mobile app satisfaction is high, but…: Patrons that use pharmacy mobile apps were highly satisfied, but only 20% of customers take advantage of the technology.

Here are the best pharmacies in the United States in four categories: brick-and-mortar chain drug stores, brick-and-mortar mass merchandisers, those located in supermarkets and pharmacies that offer mail-order prescriptions.

Let’s look at pharmacies in chain drug stores first. The average score of the chain pharmacies was 840, according to the report.

Best brick-and-mortar pharmacies (chain drug stores)

Best brick-and-mortar pharmacies (chain drug stores)

Ranking  Pharmacy Score
1 Good Neighbor 914
2 Health Mart 893
3 Rite Aid 865
4 Walgreens 840
5 CVS 834
Source: J.D. Power 2019 Pharmacy Satisfaction Study

Now let’s look at the top pharmacies that sell mass merchandise, everything from groceries to batteries to beauty products.

The mass merchandiser average is 853 on a 1,000-point scale, according to the study. Here’s the list:

Best brick-and-mortar pharmacies (mass merchandising)

Best brick-and-mortar pharmacies (mass merchandising) 

Ranking  Pharmacy Score
1 Sam’s Club 890
2 Costco 879
3 CVS inside Target 853
4 Walmart 837
Source: J.D. Power 2019 Pharmacy Satisfaction Study

The study also gauged how customers felt about pharmacies in supermarkets. The average score was 871. Here are the results:

Best brick-and-mortar pharmacies (in supermarkets)

Best brick-and-mortar pharmacies (in supermarkets)

Ranking Pharmacy Score
1 Wegmans 915
2 Publix 897
3 Winn-Dixie 896
4 H-E-B 894
5 ShopRite 886
6 Albertsons 875
7 Stop & Shop 867
8 Hy-Vee 863
9 Fry’s 862
10 Kroger 860
11 King Soopers 852
12 Giant 850
13 Giant Eagle 848
14 Safeway 837
Source: J.D. Power 2019 Pharmacy Satisfaction Study

Best pharmacies for mail orders

Some pharmacies provide mail-order prescriptions, making it easier for customers to get what they need without a visit. The average score for a mail-in pharmacy was 867.

As you’ll see, this segment is dominated by insurance companies. Here are the best pharmacies for mail orders, according to the J.D. Power study:


Best pharmacies for mail orders

Ranking Pharmacy Score
1 Humana 900
2 Kaiser Permanente 886
3 OptumRx 869
4 CVS/Caremark 867
5 Express Scripts 864
6 Cigna Home Delivery 836
7 Aetna Rx Home Delivery 831
8 Walgreens Mail Service 813
Source: J.D. Power 2019 Pharmacy Satisfaction Study

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs mail-in pharmacy is also acknowledged in the study, but is not ranked because it doesn’t meet certain criteria to be included, J.D. Power says.

A big takeaway from the study is that technology is making it easier for customers to be served by the nation’s best pharmacies, but the pace of adoption continues to crawl, according to Greg Truex, managing director of Health Intelligence at J.D. Power.

“As technology companies promise to change the way Americans address their pharmacy needs, our data suggests that changing such entrenched behavior will be an uphill battle,” Truex said in the news release. “Customers enjoy visiting their brick-and-mortar pharmacy and they get a great deal of satisfaction from speaking directly with pharmacists. However, the potential for technology disruption is there. Although, the frequency of use of digital solutions is low, early adopters are showing high levels of satisfaction.”

Along with choosing the best pharmacies for your dollar, you also want to look after the health of your bank account! Here’s how to save money on health care.

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