App helps shop the lowest prescription prices


When you get a prescription, you can use the power of a smartphone to figure out where to find the cheapest deal.

About two months ago, I had a prescription for antibiotics and I had no idea what it would cost. When I got to the pharmacy, I was told a 10-day supply would be $2.18. I couldn’t believe how cheap that was! But the time before that, I had a script for a 10-day supply of another antibiotic and it was more than $100.

I’ve talked in the past about trying to lower the cost of your prescriptions by printing out the list of $4 generic meds from Kroger, Target, Wal-Mart and any of a number of other retailers and then taking it to your doctor. Show your doc the list and say, ‘Can you write my script from this list? This is what I can afford.’

Now there’s a step you can take beyond that with a new smartphone app called Lowest Med for both the iPhone and Androids.

With Lowest Med, you just pop in the name of the medication and it will shop the marketplace for you to tell you who’s got the best price in your area.

The thing is, a pharmaceutical company may have a deal with a particular pharmacy based on volume that could make your script a lot cheaper at one place vs. the pharmacy where you normally go. This app gives you the opportunity to see the best deal on your prescription.

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