Affordable Treadmill Desks Now Available

Affordable Treadmill Desks Now Available
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Years ago, I talked about the Walkstation, a desk at which you stand that was equipped with a treadmill!

People who had this thing would do their work while walking all day long at half a mile an hour. You can drop some tremendous weight by doing that. The Walkstation was popular among a small number of people, many of them entrepreneurs.

The big problem with work treadmills has been the cost, which can be upwards of several thousand dollars. But now an entrepreneur has come out with an affordable treadmill desk.

Here’s a cheaper treadmill desk option offers a $479 desk that goes over your existing treadmill.

The Washington Post reports that people who sit on their rear ends all day suffer health problems regardless of whether they exercise three times a week as most nutritionists recommend. One recent report I read suggested office workers shave 2 years off their life by being so sedentary. Who knows if that’s true or not.

Now, if you work at a big company, corporate culture probably dictates that standing is a no go. But if you’re an entrepreneur who controls your own life, I want you to seize the opportunity.

To keep it simple, just stand if you are your own boss. (Of course, the treadmill option is a better one.) You don’t have to spend big bucks to make this happen. Just get a simple draftsman’s table at which to do your work.

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