7 ways to help your child (and maybe even you!) get a better night of sleep


So here we are on the first day after Daylight Saving Time and if you’re dragging a little as you read this, you’re not alone!

The loss of an hour’s worth of sleep has been linked to everything from increased injuries in the workplace to a greater likelihood of heart attack and even more traffic fatalities.

But if you have little ones, you know sleep patterns can be a problem no matter the season or time of year.

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Helping your kids get a better night of sleep

Follow this advice to help your children adjust to the time change:

Beware of the blue light, and get some sunlight instead!

The blue light from the many screens in our lives could be a possible cause of interrupted sleep patterns. Aim to minimize screen time after school, and be sure your child gets plenty of physical activity. With the nicer weather, now is a great time to play outdoors. That should wear them out and make better sleep more likely!

Consider revising bedtime

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that children ages 3 to 5 get 11 to 13 hours of sleep each night, while children ages 6 to 13 years need 9 to 11 hours of sleep nightly.

Find the optimal room temperature

According to Dr. Christopher Winter, medical director at Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine, the temperature in a bedroom should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. Winter says any temperature above 75 degrees and below 54 degrees can disrupt sleep.

Let your child sleep with the family pet

According to CBS News, a recent survey of 150 sleep center patients “found that more than half of pet owners allowed their pets to sleep in the bedroom.” While one in five of those studied said their pet was disruptive, 41% said their pets may even be beneficial to their sleep.

‘If having a pet nearby helps them feel relaxed and gives them a sense of security, which permits them to fall asleep with less difficulty, then I think that is something that does deserve attention,’ Dr. Lois Krahn, who led the study, told CBS News. The study did not take into consideration factors such as a pet’s sleeping habits, cleanliness, breed or size.


Ban screens from your child’s bedroom

Parents often wonder how to control their children’s use of the Internet, tablet, phone, game machine, smart TV and whatever device comes along next. Here’s one possible solution: For $99, there’s a device called Screen that works with all the electronics that your kids may have. You are able to control what they do, how much time they have on multiple screens and more. Once they reach their allotment of daily screen time, this service will shut their device down cold.

Screen manages unlimited cell phones, tablets and computers. The Screen app on your phone also connects with the TV, cable box and game system, in addition to pairing with all PCs, tablets and mobile phones on your family account. It’s a great way to make sure your child isn’t sneaking screen time after the lights go out. Visit GetScreen.com for more details.

Make sure you have the right mattress

The correct mattress can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of your child’s sleep — or yours for that matter! Fortunately, the right mattress doesn’t have to break the bank. Quality options can start as low as a few hundred dollars.

Track your child’s sleep (or yours) with an app

According to the National Sleep Foundation, getting enough sleep is directly connected to better health. We all know it’s important to get a good night’s rest. However, sleep can be elusive for many people. As many as 9 million Americans take medication to help them sleep at night. But there are solutions other than just pharmaceutical ones! So if you haven’t been getting the best sleep lately, check out these apps that can help!

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