$1,000 electronic eyeglasses coming to market


I wear glasses and I hate it. I can’t wear contacts because of a strong blink reflex and Lasik is too expensive for me. For those of you who have heard me talk about this before, I buy my glasses from one of many online sellers that offers ultra cheap prescription glasses. (I’m talking single-vision lenses that are as little as $12-$15 including shipping.)

At the other extreme, there will soon be electronic eyeglasses available for a grand. That’s right, $1,000 prescription glasses! But these are unlike any other glasses you’ve ever seen. Because they are computer driven, they are able to follow your eye and give you perfect vision every time. And get this: You have to charge them each night like you would a cell phone!

I wear old-fashion progressive lenses. While they should adjust in theory, whether I’m reading or looking out at the horizon, it’s not at all like someone with perfect vision. That’s my wife, who had laser eye surgery.

The market for eyeglasses is a huge one. Almost 40 million progressives and bifocals were sold last year. So the demand is definitely there for new innovations.

The New York Times  reports Virginia and North Carolina will be the first 2 states to offer prescription electronic glasses for sale. $1,000 for frames, lenses and the charger!  (As with anything, the early adopters will eventually drive the down price for the rest of us.)

So this could be yet another way to avoid invasive surgery and just maybe have perfect vision. Next they’ll develop computer-driven X-ray vision!

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