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The best 529 plans with low
529 Plans: The Best Places to Invest Your Education Savings Education October 15, 2018
Looking for the best 529 plan to help you save for education expenses? Here's my annual list of the top…
Trip insurance guide: Everything you need to know
Clark’s trip and travel insurance guide Travel June 11, 2018
Trip insurance is something I get so many questions about and there seems to be much confusion surrounding it. The…
These companies are on the long-term care insurance honor roll
These companies are on the long-term care insurance honor roll Insurance September 18, 2017
Long-term care insurance is a smart decision for many people. It helps pay for long-term nursing home care or for…
Best discount investment brokers of 2017
Best discount investment brokers of 2017 Money & Credit January 31, 2017
Don't let the hard-earned money that you invest get eaten up with fees! Check out this list of the best…
How to stop junk calls on your landline - The government is finally getting serious about robocalls
Cheap internet phone systems guide Greatest Hits May 3, 2016
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoiP) plans work just like a regular land-line telephone. The only difference is that you're using…
Foreclosure Guide
Foreclosure Guide Greatest Hits April 1, 2016
Are you among the more than one million Americans who might lose your home to foreclosure? It's a difficult situation…
Self Publishing Guide
Self Publishing Guide Business & Entrepreneurs April 1, 2016
If you're looking for ways to publish a book without going through a big publishing house, here's whatyou need to…
Mortgage refinance guide
Mortgage refinance guide Homes & Real Estate April 1, 2016
Are you wondering how to refinance, when to refinance, and what all of the terms really mean? We've put together…
Credit Score Guide
Credit Score Guide Money & Credit April 8, 2015
So often when I'm talking to someone, they'll tell me what their credit score is. My immediate reply never varies.…
Health Savings Account Guide
Health Savings Account Guide Insurance April 1, 2015
Health care in the United States is outrageously expensive as you well know. The problem started in the 1960s when…
Health Savings Account Guide
Len Penzo’s Consumer Blog on Money & Credit April 18, 2013
Why Some Who Cut Expenses to the Bone Still Can't Make Ends Meet by Len Penzo of Len Penzo dot…
Health Savings Account Guide
Clark Howard University About Clark January 15, 2013
Clark’s No-Giftcard Gift Certificate
Clark’s No-Giftcard Gift Certificate Shopping & Retail December 23, 2012
Clark can't stand gift cards! He'd rather you give cash so your friends and family never have to hassle with…
Clark’s No-Giftcard Gift Certificate
Clark Howard’s Featured Videos About Clark August 26, 2011
FHA Refund Guide/Unclaimed Money
FHA Refund Guide/Unclaimed Money Greatest Hits October 26, 2010
Did Grannie leave you an inheritance? Did you move and forget to collect deposit money paid to utility companies? Did…
FHA Refund Guide/Unclaimed Money
Clark’s Graveyard About Clark October 15, 2010
Clark's Company Graveyard The following sites and services have been mentioned by Clark over the years and each one has…