Where to get free day care on Election Day


The YMCA is offering free childcare to folks who want to get out and vote on Tuesday, November 8!

So, busy parents, rejoice that you can now go and perform your civic duty on Tuesday without the kids in tow. That would certainly make a long voting line feel even longer.

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YMCA offering free day care on Election Day

This free childcare offer is called “Zoe’s Kids Day Out” and is an attempt at giving kids a safe environment to be in while their parents are voting. YMCA President Kevin Washington told the Huffington Post that:

“Election Day is arguably one of the most important days in the U.S. this year — the ultimate opportunity for Americans to make their voices heard through the democratic process. Unfortunately, many people who want to vote find it challenging because they have to take children with them. The Y’s hope is that Zoe’s Kids Day Out initiative enables those parents and caregivers to exercise their right to vote, and ensures children can spend their time in a safe, nurturing environment.”

Not every YMCA location will be participating, and some that are will be asking for a small fee or donation. You’ll want to call your local YMCA to make sure that they are part of the initiative before attempting to drop your kids off. You can also check to see if your local YMCA location is participating via their website. Additionally, the website ZoeforPresident.com details the efforts of this program and offers you an opportunity to take part in this initiative.

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