Tracking your pet with a GPS-enabled collar


It is so upsetting when you’re at a red light and see signs about lost cats or lost dogs. People’s pets mean so much to them. If a pet disappears, you want to find that pet. For those who are freaked out by implanting a chip, there’s a new option from a top mobile technology company.

Qualcomm now makes a new kind of collar called Tagg that allows owners to track animals via GPS. The Tagg device only requires a recharge about once a month.

Tagg alerts you by text message if a pet goes outside of a zone that you designate. Once you’re notified, you can track down their location to within a few hundred feet by triangulation.

The thing is, Tagg is expensive and really only for people who have a strong emotional connection to their pets. You pay roughly $200 for the device and one year of cell service. After 12 months, it costs $5/monthly to track an animal.

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