The ‘Summer of Slime’ has kids getting crafty

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If early reports are any indication, it looks like we are headed for a long, messy “Summer of Slime.”

Young scientists are getting crafty by making slime

Kids on break across the country are creating their gooey concoctions from a few basic household ingredients. This at-home-science-experiment-slash-Instagram phenomenon has turned some teens into entrepreneurs, according to the Associated Press.

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Undertaking projects that are creative and require some science skills lets kids use different parts of their brains while they’re away from school.

While slime experiements can be soothing and even educational, they can also make a mess! Make sure kids are supervised while making and playing with slime.

How to make slime

There are a ton of recipes to choose from if a child in your life (or your own inner child!) wants to make some slime. You can go crazy with a million variations using different craft supplies like glitter and beads, but here is the basic Elmer’s Glue recipe:

  1. Mix together 4 oz. of liquid school glue and a 1/2 tbsp. of baking soda
  2. Mix in food coloring of your choice
  3. Add 1 tbsp. of contact lens solution and mix until ingredients are combined and harder
  4. Pick up mixture and knead with hands – if it’s too sticky add 1/4 tbsp. of contact solution

Making these glittery concoctions has attracted many a tween to market their wares on Instagram and Etsy, so if you’re curious but don’t want to make slime yourself, you can find plenty of gooey mixtures to buy.

Slime has become so popular that some Micheal’s locations are teaching classes on how to make it!

This fad is a great summer activity that allows kids to be scientific and creative — just don’t let the slime take over your house!

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