That magazine renewal notice could be a scam


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TRANSCRIPT: I have a special warning for you. It’s ugly, it’s crazy. So, in your mail comes a renewal notice for a magazine or a newspaper, maybe one you subscribe to, maybe not, but the renewal notice will be really urgent. And you don’t even realize it’s not from the actual magazine or newspaper.

Even worse you may be paying as much as 600% more than you would pay subscribing directly with the magazine or newspaper.

So here is what’s going on. There are rings around the country that are doing these mailings. In fact, one alone, according to the Dallas Morning News, is sending out a million of these junk invoices every month. Look close, watch your wallet, and always comparison shop because think about it, with people reading things on tablets and phones, the magazine and newspaper sellers are desperate. You can steal a deal. Don’t let it be in reverse with somebody stealing from you. I’m Clark Howard.

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