Teen Grocery Clerk Walks Elderly Man Home


As if we here at Team Clark Howard needed one more reason to love Aldi, one of the deeply discounted grocery store’s teenage employees has proven that for him, service extends far beyond the checkout counter.

Exemplary customer service at super-cheap grocer

Christian Trouesdale, an 18 year old assistant manager at the Aldi in Horwich, England, has become famous for a simple act of kindness. According to The Bolton News, Trouesdale volunteered to help his 96 year old customer home with his groceries. The gentleman had been in the prior week and had been concerned about walking home in windy conditions so the teen offered to walk with him. When the elderly man returned, he asked if Trouesdale would mind repeating the kind gesture. On their journey to the customer’s home, 23 year old Samantha-Jayne Brady spotted the duo and asked to take their photo. The post on her Facebook page has over 250k likes as of this writing. 

Aldi is known to be a great place to save big money on groceries (over 40% for many items!), and this feel good story bolsters its reputation for having happy, friendly employees. For more on Aldi – check out this story by our own Andy Prescott. He decided to put Aldi to the test against Walmart store and national brands to see if the savings are really as great as they say. 

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