Talking to your kids about how to handle money


I got a secret for you. You’re keeping info about money secret from your kids. Don’t do it. Because where do kids turn for guidance for advice for understanding about how money works? You! More often it’s Mom than Dad. In fact a lot more often Mom than Dad, and truth be told, most parents blow their kids off when they ask about money. At all ages.

So the thing is, what do you think? Where are they going to learn it? You want the schools to teach it? No, it’s your and my responsibility to teach our kids good values about money. Because today all our kids hear, from really young — all they see is buy, buy, buy. So it’s up to you and me to teach the idea that it’s what you keep, not what you spend, that matters. And it’s not a conversation, it’s not a talk but you know parents are more interested in talking to their kids about the birds and the bees than about dollars and cents. Don’t do that. Talk to your kids. Educate them and teach them why it’s important to save for their future. I’m Clark Howard.

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