Study: Men eat 93% more when they’re around women


There’s nothing that impresses a woman more than a man stuffing his face with pizza — at least, that appears to be what a recent study shows. 

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Researchers at Cornell University found that men eat 93% more pizza — almost twice as much — when women are around.

And it wasn’t just pizza. The men in the study also ate 86% more salad. They eat more all-around, which led the researchers to title their article about the results, “Eating Heavily: Men Eat More in the Company of Women.”

The researchers interpret the results to mean that men are trying to impress women with their ability to indulge in risky overeating and still be attractive — not that they think a big belly is sexy.


Women in the study, researchers said, showed no change in their eating habits in the presence of men. They ate the same, with either a male or female joining them. But they did complain that men made them feel more rushed at the table.

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