Should you spend your money on BPA-free plastics?


Some three years ago, the big worry of the moment was that BPA in plastics was being linked to possible cancer and danger to your nervous system. Scientists cited studies where BPA was carcinogenic to lab rats, leading them to push to ban the chemical in our bottles.

Now the FDA has just come out and said forget about it. There is nothing about BPA to give you concern.

In the articles I read, it was like the scientists were predisposed to want to believe BPA was bad, but they couldn’t find proof.

In capitalism, so often the truth doesn’t matter as much as people’s perceptions. Capitalists rose to the occasion and started marketing a variety of BPA-free products. I have in my hand a drinking bottle that doesn’t have BPA. Go into any baby store and you’ll see tons of stuff labeled BPA free.

It’s a natural thing for parents to freak out about this kind of stuff. My executive producer Christa’s son was 2 or 3 at the time when the news about BPA first started coming out. So she replaced all her son’s sippy cups and bottles along with the family’s food storage containers with BPA-free ones.

Christa maintains she hasn’t changed her mind about BPA despite the FDA’s stance on it. In fact, she’s skeptical that the FDA is not considering all the evidence.

My thing is life has risk. You can’t remove every threat in life. Unless science proves directly that BPA is dangerous to your health, I say chill about it.

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