Sound off: Should non-smokers get more vacation time than smokers?


Do you think non-smokers should get more vacation days than smokers?

A new study from e-cigarette maker Halo found that nearly 42% of respondents said non-smokers should be given between three and five additional vacation days each year — and 28% of smokers agree.

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Extra vacation time for non-smokers? The survey says… 

More than 81% of smokers said smoke breaks were fair, the survey of more than 1,000 Americans found. However, only roughly one in four non-smokers agreed.

The average smoker spends roughly six days each year on smoke breaks at work, though the amount of time varies by industry.

What would convince smokers to kick the habit? On average, Americans would be willing to give up smoking for an additional 11 days of vacation each year, the survey said.

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