Older folks do the Jitterbug and go cellular


Many years ago, Clark switched his mom’s phone service to a non-traditional company that offered better rates and more features. That worked out fine for years. Then his mom recently moved, and an unreal odyssey began when they tried to get her phone service moved from the old address to her new one. Now his 83-year-old mom is without her landline. This is really laughable in 2008 when it takes just hours to move a phone number between cell phone companies. Clark had been trying for years with no success to get his mom to use a cell phone, but they aren’t always senior friendly.

Recently Clark signed his mom up for a cell phone service called Jitterbug that’s designed for senior citizens. Now she’s a cell user for the first time in her life — so much so that it will now be a big expense! In fact, she may no longer care about her landline when it does eventually get hooked up. There’s a real business opportunity out there for entrepreneurs who can develop products that take modern technology and make it easy for elders to use. After all, seniors have all the money; why should technology exclusively be geared toward young people? Someone will make a bundle creating simplicity out of complexity.

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