Recall alert: Nearly 3 million washers at risk of blowing apart


Samsung is recalling about 2.8 million washing machines because the top can unexpectedly blow off, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Washing machine recall: What you need to know

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Samsung has received 733 reports of the washers experiencing excessive vibration or the top detaching during use, especially at high speed, the CPSC said. We know of at least nine injuries, including a broken jaw, injured shoulder and serious bruising.

“I just remember covering my head and leaning over towards my son and just screaming this scream,” a woman who narrowly escaped serious injury told ABC News in an exclusive interview.

The recall involves the following 34 models of Samsung top-load washing machines, which were sold at major stores from March 2011 to November 2016.

  1. WA40J3000AW/A2
  2. WA45H7000AP/A2
  3. WA45H7000AW/A2
  4. WA45H7200AW/A2
  5. WA45K7600AW/A2
  6. WA45K7100AW/A2
  7. WA48H7400AW/A2
  8. WA48J7700AW/A2
  9. WA48J7770AP/A2
  10. WA48J7770AW/A2
  11. WA50K8600AV/A2
  12. WA50K8600AW/A2
  13. WA52J8700AP/A2
  14. WA52J8700AW/A2
  15. WA400PJHDWR/AA
  16. WA422PRHDWR/AA
  17. WA456DRHDSU/AA
  18. WA456DRHDWR/AA
  19. WA476DSHASU/A1
  20. WA476DSHAWR/A1
  21. WA484DSHASU/A1
  22. WA484DSHAWR/A1
  23. WA48H7400AP/A2
  24. WA50F9A6DSW/A2
  25. WA50F9A7DSP/A2
  26. WA50F9A7DSW/A2
  27. WA50F9A8DSP/A2
  28. WA50F9A8DSW/A2
  29. WA52J8060AW/A2
  30. WA5451ANW/XAA
  31. WA5471ABP/XAA
  32. WA5471ABW/XAA
  33. WA56H9000AP/A2
  34. WA56H9000AW/A2

You can find the model number and serial number on the back of the washer:

Recall alert: Nearly 3 million washing machines at risk of blowing apart

Here are your options

If your washing machine is affected, contact Samsung for either a free in-home repair, rebate or refund if you bought your unit within the past 30 days. 

Getting a repair may not be so easy. According to WSB-TV, hundreds of repairs across Atlanta are already scheduled, but only one shop is signed up for the job, so there are few technicians to do the work.

In the meantime, the CPSC said you should only use the delicate or waterproof cycles when washing bedding, water-resistant and bulky items. This will help to reduce the risk of the washing machine top blowing apart during use.


As for the rebate option, Clark says what consumers are being offered is ‘ridiculous’ and ‘pitiful.’ 

‘You can go buy a great washer for $350,’ Clark said on the radio show. ‘I think you just go buy the other brand and wait for Samsung to get more generous on this because I can’t believe that they’ll be able to get away with offering people so little money.”

For more information about the recalled washers, enter your model and serial number on Samsung’s website.

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