Safety tips for swimmers


With summer here, it’s again the time to swim in pools, lakes, and oceans. But before you hit the water, I want to give you important information about water safety, especially if you have children.

Drowning is the No. 2 cause of accidental death in kids, right behind automobile accidents. The sad truth is that half the time a parent is just within yards and doesn’t realize their child is drowning right before their eyes.

That’s because the way drowning has been depicted in movies is not what it really is. reports people are not screaming or flailing. Instead they’re trying to gasp for air, they have no energy to scream or flail, and they quietly go to their deaths.

If you have young kids and a pool, you should consider a pool alarm. They cost from $60 on up to several hundred dollars. Most are in the $100 or $150 range. The device sets off alarm if it senses someone is in the water.

It’s a very simple thing that allows you to make a big difference.

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