Safety experts warn parents about ”˜invisible kid’ Halloween costume


As you can imagine, Halloween is one of the most dangerous times for kids to get hit by cars.

This year, safety experts are warning parents that there’s a popular costume that could put children at risk.

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‘Invisible Kid’ costume

The costume is called the invisible kid, and it’s basically a full black body suit that even covers the child’s face. Multiple companies make it.

The packaging warns about impaired vision, but also brags that it will make your child disappear into the pitch black night.


“It’s a terrible idea,” said safety expert Kate Carr. “Kids won’t be seen, especially if they’re darting out into the street on Halloween night.”

Safety experts say one solution, no matter what your kids wear, is to put glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces on every trick-or-treater.

safety experts warn invisible kid costume halloween

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