Redbox will have your favorite movies for rent 7 days after retail release


Summer is almost here and we’re coming up fast on blockbuster movie season.

Redbox has a new solution if you’ve got an insatiable appetite for new films but can’t stomach the high cost of movie theater tickets!

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Redbox and Warner Bros. strike a new deal

Seven is going to be a lucky number for Redbox this summer.

The DVD/Blu-ray rental kiosk announced on May 22 that it’s partnering with Warner Bros. to release the film studio’s newest flicks just seven days after they go on sale in stores.

Redbox’s rental prices start at $1.50 a day. That’s going to make this a really cheap alternative to buying a film in stores before you know if you’re going to like it or not!

Before this agreement was struck, you previously had to wait 28 days following the retail release to rent a Warner Bros. film through Redbox.

More kiosks coming soon

Meanwhile, Redbox is gearing up to add 1,500 new rental kiosks this year around the country. You can see the current locations here.

That will bring the company’s total kiosk count to 41,500 — more than the combined U.S. store count of both Starbucks and McDonald’s!

Can’t find a Redbox near you? No worries! Ask a nearby retailer to submit a request for a new location.


Here are a few ways to save money at the movies this summer

Go to a dollar theater

Consider catching a flick at a dollar theater if being among the first people to see the latest and greatest films is not a concern for you.

These kinds of theaters typically show older releases that were popular six months ago or longer.

But the cost is just around a dollar or two for a screening!

Best of all, these types of theaters are in 33 states — so chances are there’s one close to you.

Find discounted family films over the summer

The Regal Summer Movie Express is the perfect option for parents this summer. You can take your kids to a $1 weekday morning movie. All films shown are rated either G or PG.

Films slated to be shown at a Regal theater near you include “Trolls,” “Kung Fu Panda 3,” “Sing,” “The Lego Batman Movie,” “The Secret Life of Pets,” “Storks” and more.

Seek out free movie screenings is an excellent website to search for theaters near you giving out tickets to previews of movies and pre-screenings. This is a great way to see the hottest films this summer before all your friends!

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