Save up to 70% on sports, concert and theater tickets


How would you like to save a fortune when you want to go to a concert or sporting event? I’ll tell you one way you might be able to do it.

The concert business has been in a real depression. It’s not been uncommon lately for touring acts to cancel dates because of decreased ticket sales. Even the NFL has seen declining attendance in recent years, and they are the premier attraction as far as live events go!

The problem is that sports and concerts promoters don’t want to kill the value of a ticket by offering outright sales or specials. They don’t want people thinking, “Why should I pay face value if I can get a real deal?” So what’s the industry to do about its sluggish sales?

Some enterprising individuals have decided to copy the Priceline model from the travel industry and let people name their own price for unsold events tickets at a new site called promises discounts of 10% to 70% on sports, concert and theater tickets. But this is an invite-only service, unlike Priceline. I’m still waiting for my invitation to come. So I’m telling you about this service blind because I haven’t yet seen the deals they tout. I just wanted to give you the alert now so that you can sign up and get your invitation.

I love the whole idea of ScoreBig because it deals with the same dilemma that Pricleine faces: Only a very small percent of people will ever use these services. So with a site like Priceline, it’s possible for hoteliers and car rental companies to participate while still essentially protecting their inventory for the bulk of the market. It’s the same thing with ScoreBig. I think it’s a win/win for consumers, promoters, artists, teams and touring companies.

Most people are fanatics about a team or a performer and will pay no matter what they have to for those tickets. So the real issue in live entertainment is how can you capture those people who are on the fence, those who might go or might not go to an event? It’s really price that drives people like that. So ScoreBig offers a way for the price-sensitive folks like me to get out there and go.

When I think about myself, there’s no event that I must attend. If it’s too much money, I’m not going.

So if you think like I do, ScoreBig could be for you. And if you’re already in it, I’d love for you to write in and let me know how it’s going for you.

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