App lets you report a teen’s bad driving to their parents


Parents of teen drivers have a new tool in their arsenal to make sure their kids don’t go crazy on the road. (not “.com”) is a new website that offers you the ability to receive reports from the driving public at large about how your teen is behaving behind the wheel.

For $10, you can register your vehicle with this website and they’ll send you a bumper sticker to put on your vehicle. The bumper sticker instructs fellow motorists to use the free Push Text app for iPhone and Android to enter your vehicle’s tag number or license plate and then send comments about your teen’s driving.

The comments are delivered to your smartphone anonymously. So there’s no fear of ratting somebody out and then having that same teen throw eggs at your house or car the next night!

Auto accidents remain the No. 1 cause of death for teenagers. The chance of a teen losing his or her life behind the wheel is four times great than for other drivers. Let’s do what we can to prevent more teens from dying on the road.

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