New marketplace for cheap weddings


Editors Note: It appears as of June, 2017, that this site has been converted to a paid advertisement landing page. We can no longer recommend it.

Approximately a third of people who get engaged never make it to the altar. Now there’s a new way to help them recoup money they’ve already laid out to book photographers, florists, facilities, and more.

The most tense time in a relationship can often be the period from the engagement to the day of the wedding. Sometimes there can be a real breakdown in communication between the bride and groom at this trying time.

Enter a new website called If you’re a couple that’s no longer tying the knot, you have all these things you paid deposits on for a ceremony that won’t take place. So the whole idea is a match game. Other brides and grooms come in and buy your contracts for services at a discount.

As a buyer, these packages go for sale and you can buy them for around 60 cents on a dollar. The vendors win, you win, and another (former) couple wins too.

As a seller, it’s a real way to reduce your losses and make lemonade out of lemons. That’s particularly important with the average wedding being around nearly $26,000.

Finally, how do I say this with sensitivity? When an engagement doesn’t make it to the altar, it’s often for the best. This is the kind of thing that it’s better to figure out before a wedding rather than after.

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