It’s National Cereal Day! Here are 5 fun breakfast facts + tips to help you save!


You may want to start your day, and even have lunch and dinner, with your favorite breakfast food today. 

Monday marks National Cereal Day!

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A little history about cereal in America

According to National Cereal Day’s website, eating cereal came to the forefront during the Civil War to help combat gastrointestinal issues of the battlefield’s meat-based diet. 

The cereal of the Civil War was bland and bran, taking an overnight soak in water to make it easier to eat.


But it wasn’t until 1939, that cereal started taking on the taste and look of what we grew up with.

The first sweetened cereal hit the market – Ranger Joe Popped Wheat Honnie – appealed to children thanks to sugar and advertisements that featured cartoon characters.

So what is the most popular, best selling cereal now? Honey Nut Cheerios tops the list according to Information Resources, Inc. with Frosted Flakes coming in at number two.

Tips to save money and eat healthier, too!

Here are a few tips to help you keep your family’s budget and eating habits on the right track!

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