What is a mushroom burial suit and how much does one cost?


The Internet has been buzzing recently about a newfangled burial option after former Beverly Hills 90210 star Luke Perry’s daughter revealed he was laid to rest in a mushroom burial suit.

That got Team Clark thinking: Could opting for a mushroom burial suit actually save you money on your final arrangements?

Mushroom burial suits: What you need to know about this new interment option

For years, cremation was the only real alternative to traditional burial. But with a new generation comes a new option: Mushroom burial suits.

The body is encased in a suit that’s made from organic cotton and mushroom spores. As the body decays, the spores “deliver nutrients…to surrounding plant roots efficiently.”

One of the leading makers of these suits is a green funeral company called Coeio. Its flagship Infinity Burial Suit costs $1,500 with free shipping in two to three weeks anywhere in the continental United States.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the average cost of a casket these days is around $2,000, with some made out of more expensive materials costing as much as $10,000. So, as you can see, there is an opportunity to save some money here if you’re willing to take a more non-traditional route.

Other ways to lower the cost of final arrangements

Maybe mushroom burial suits aren’t quite your thing. That’s OK, there are still other ways you can lower the costs of death.

Join a non-profit memorial society

Money expert Clark Howard has long recommended joining a non-profit memorial society to get access to a great deal on cremation or burial through group buying power.

Think about joining a memorial society like Costco for the afterlife! You get ridiculously low prices on your final arrangements because the society if a bulk buyer.

Read our review of joining a non-profit memorial society here.


Get a Costco casket

Turns out the warehouse club where you buy just about everything for life has something for the afterlife, too!

So how much do Costco caskets cost? Pricing starts at $899 and goes up to $1,799.

Read our price-comparison review of Costco vs. Amazon vs Walmart caskets here.

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