Megabytes versus mosquito bites aE“ summer camp reinvented!


The notion of summer camps has been reinvented for the digital age!

The Minneapolis Star Tribune  reports there are now tech camps for kids. Kids can go and learn computer programming. Or how to write apps. Or how to publish games and learn programming languages.

The thing that’s so striking to me is that camping is adapting quicker to the realities of the job market than education! Seven years from now there will be an estimated 1.4 million computer jobs with only 400,000 skilled workers to fill them.

Camp is expensive. For the most part, this is the land of the privileged. But whether it’s through trade school or whatever, you need to get the skills so you can fill the opportunities. is one website that offers affordable courses in a lot of different computer skill areas. Continuing education is the key to future job security.

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